CARVAJAL ABOGADOS offers legal advice and representation in the following Colombian Law areas::

Civil Law: one of our firm’s core activities, based on the rules that govern the relationships between private individuals or their civil status. Litigations and counseling in this area include personal status law (state registry); property law (real estate transactions and transfers, mortgage law, land registry, title of property, landlord-tenant relationship); civil contract law (sale contract, rental contract, nonperformance or breach of contract) and various related topics. 

Family Law: another traditional main area of work in Carvajal Abogados, which governs relationships among all the members of a family. This law branch includes marital status (marriage, separation, divorce), children’s status (affiliation, adoption), special obligations owed to family members (alimentary allowance, child’s custody and protection) inheritance law and some other topics. 

Canon Law: the body of rules made by or adopted by ecclesiastical authority, for the government of the Christian organization and its members. It’s a rare and very special activity lead since many years by one of the firm’s founder. Most of cases in this area are about catholic marriage annulment. 

Commercial Law: it governs the broad areas of business and commerce transactions (i.e. commercial contracts, debtor and creditor relationship, negotiable instruments, bankruptcy, intellectual property). Specific law has developed in a number of commercial fields including corporation and enterprise law, competition law or consumer law. The practice of this wide area in our firm has considerably increased in the last decade.

Tort Law: to claim for damages or injunctions between private parties or civil liability for government wrongdoing. 


Labor Law for companies: a special counselor has joined our human team so we can now offer in this area a practice of quality.

Administrative, Government and Tax Law: a very important area of practice in Colombia, concerning many activities including the information request addressed to National and Regional Administrations, the practice related to the execution of public and domiciliary services, the grant of permissions or licenses by Authorities, the legal representation of large institutions or private individuals before Public Agencies or Commissions (i.e. enforcement actions, administrative procedures) and the counsel in tax law. 

Constitutional Rights and Civil Liberties: the knowledge of this branch is not only the key to understand and interpret the rule of law, but also constitutes a special area of practice in order to protect human and civil rights, as well as constitutional rights and principles. 

Arbitration, Mediation and other forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution: Carvajal Abogados is able to give legal advice and to represent his clients before any Colombian Court or Government Agencies (all degrees, all branches) and also before private institutions with decision-making or adjudication ability (corporate or non-corporate boards of direction, chambers of commerce, landlord’s council, etc.) .


Carvajal Abogados is a law firm established in the district of Barranquilla, Colombia since 1978. Trough more than 20 years of work we have grown with the intention of improving the quality of legal services offered in the northern region, the Atlantic and Caribbean coast and some other cities of Colombia (Bogota, Cali). We are a small size firm (7 to 10 lawyers) so we can perform a more efficient activity where it is possible to have a direct contact and build a special relationship with all our clients. The firm’s founders, Dagoberto Carvajal Castro and Luz Myriam Sánchez de Carvajal, two lawyers with a long and brilliant experience in litigations as well as in legal consulting, are both well-known professionals of prestige and honesty. Nowadays, the firm’s aim is to enlarge its services towards the different branches of Law by consolidating a human team, selected by academic honors and good skills for the practice. Our lawyers follow strictly the duty of loyalty regarding both the client and the Justice, understood as Law’s first commandment.


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